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as long as it is only one pill nothing will happen. But take it as soon as you remember. It will only be a problem if you miss two or more. I suggest talking to a doctor if you aren't sure.

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Q: What happens if you skip a pill?
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What happens when you skip a period?

Nothing happens. It's quite common to skip one once a awhile especially if you are young.

What happens when you skip a pill lets say you skip Tuesday and since that day you take the pill the wrong day like taking the pill one day before you supposed to take it what can happen?

Not taking the pill as directed can lead to pregnancy - although skilling just one is not likely to cause any problems.

Your period starts in a day and you want to skip it?

If you are on the pill, don't take the pills for your period week, skip directly to the pills for the following week. If you aren't on the pill, there is no way to skip a period.

Can you skip period on purpose while using mini pill?

No, you can't. Every pill is exactly the same on the minipill, and there are no placebo pills to skip.

Can you get pregnant if you skip a sugar pill?

Missing a placebo pill does not affect the chances of pregnancy.

If you skip your sugar pills to skip your period and start the new pack right away and it results in spotting is the pill ineffective?

No, spotting is not an indication that the pill is ineffective.

Can you skip your period for the 3rd month if your on the pill?

No, if you are on the progesterone only pill, (mini-pill) it has a different action to the majority of pills (combined pill) If you want to skip a period for whatever reason, ask the nurse, doctor or pharmacist how to do it.

Can you get pregnant if you skip a pill and take it later when you realize you skipped it?

No, you are OK and you would have to skip a lot more to have a pregnancy worry. Take your pill the same time every morning and you won't have to worry about it.

What is the name of the pill to skip periods?

I can name one of the pill. But so many other things come in picture, when you want to skip the periods. It is better to consult the family physician or the gynaecologist for the same.

What happens If you skip an evolution in Pokemon?

If you skip an evolution no change will be there in pokemon.

How do you prolong my period for a few days on the pill?

Keep taking the normal pill and you won't get your period.. Skip the sugar pills completely.

What can you do if you miss an anti seizure pill when you're on anti seizure medication?

try to take that pill if you can. you can take that pill if it is not to close to the other dose of that same pill. other wise skip that dose of pill because you do not want to overdose