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Missing a placebo pill does not affect the chances of pregnancy.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if you skip a sugar pill?
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If you skip your sugar pills to skip your period and start the new pack right away and it results in spotting is the pill ineffective?

No, spotting is not an indication that the pill is ineffective.

Can you skip the sugar pills with the mini pill?

Ack! There are no sugar pills in the mini pill! There are only active pills, 28 of them in each pack, and you must take one daily in order to avoid pregnancy. If you start skipping seven of them every month, you're going to get pregnant!

If you miss a period after being on the pill for a number of months does that mean you're pregnant?

No. If you have taken your pill everyday as you should have and didn't skip any pills your chance of getting pregnant is slim. If you did skip/miss pills yes there is a chance.

How do you prolong my period for a few days on the pill?

Keep taking the normal pill and you won't get your period.. Skip the sugar pills completely.

Can you get pregnant if you skip a pill and take it later when you realize you skipped it?

No, you are OK and you would have to skip a lot more to have a pregnancy worry. Take your pill the same time every morning and you won't have to worry about it.

You haven't had your period yet and you only have the last sugar pill left if you skip it will you still get your period?

Since there is no active medication in the sugar pill, eating it or not eating it has no effect on your period.

When people say you can skip your period by not taking the sugar pills does that mean you take nothing for the duration or move onto the next non-sugar pill as normal?

you will want to move on to the next non-sugar pill. you will take the last bc pill in the pack, and then skip the sugar ones, then the first day you are supposed to take the placebo one, take the next bc one.

Can skipping birth control make you pregnant?

Yes. All you have to do is skip one pill or take it too late that day.

If you skip the sugar pills in your birth control pack and start up a new pack can you have sex without a condom without getting pregnant?

The sugar pills are purely to keep you in the habit of taking a pill every day. As long as you take the pills containing hormones at the right time every day, you have a low chance of getting pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant by skipping your sugar pills and ot having a period?

Skipping sugar pills to avoid a period reduces, and does not raise, your risk of getting pregnant on the pill.

Can you skip the sugar pills on ortho tri cyclen lo?

Yes, you can skip the sugar pills on Tricyclen Lo if you like. Usually the triphasic pills -- the ones with three colors of active pills denoting three levels of hormones -- aren't the ideal ones to use to skip periods; you may be more likely to have unscheduled bleeding than if you used a different pill. If you have that problem, and want to skip often, consider calling your health care provider to discuss a possible pill change to a monophasic pill.

What do you do if you missed the last pill before the sugar pills?

You can either take it (if you're a day late) or skip it and begin the new pack as scheduled.