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It may not be natural or normal. Some people think it's weird some people think there's nothing wrong with that. As far as I'm concerned it can't be worse than playing with your penis or your vagina. I think if you want to play with your belly button it's your own business. Some people think you should see a therapist if you play with your belly button but it's not true. The therapist will tell you that playing with your belly button can't be worse than masturbating or self-orgasm.

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nothing will happen unless u have lint (gross) in ur belly button ull make it (ur belly button) cleaner!!

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Q: What happens if you play with your belly button?
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What happens when you unscrew your belly button?

You can't unscrew your belly button; it does not work that way.

What happens if fluff gets into your belly button?

Clean it out

What happens if your belly button is pierced and then you get pregnant?

You can either take out your jewelry, or you can purchase special belly button jewelry for pregnant women, which are simply referred to as pregnancy belly button rings.

Why is your belly button called a belly button?

Because it somewhat resembles a button and it is on your belly.

What did body part did Alfred Hitchcock not have?

He was rumored to not have a belly button.

How do you make your belly button pop out?

you cant. you either have a inny or a outy and that happens from your embellicord

What happens if sperm gets in belly hole?

Nothing happens just might get a little crusty :D i assume u are talking about your belly button just be sure to wash it

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a body piercing placed in a cauterized area of the belly button.

Do boys have different belly buttons than girls?

No, a belly button is a belly button.

Can you pierce your belly button with a belly button ring?


How do you say belly button in french?

le nombril is the name for the belly button in French.

Why female belly button much more better and sexier than male belly button?

Mostly this happens to a female that are very skinny and slim body shape only. Because female who are skinny and slim, they have a skin that very soft and attractive to see their body and abs too. And that's affected their belly button to become more attractive and very unique. That's why female belly button is much more better than male belly button.