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if you're worried it will hurt the baby, it wont it will just hurt you

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โˆ™ 2009-06-17 02:19:01
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Q: What happens if you burn your stomach while pregnant?
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What does it mean when your stomach burns while pregnant?

Heart burn ?

What happens during heartburn?

Heart burn actually has nothing to do with a heart. It happens when the cardiac sphincter(a valve which allows the food to stay in the stomach while being digested) to be opened. When this happens, the acid that the stomach produces burns the bottom part of esophagus.

What happens when stomach acid eats the lining of the stomach?

That is heartburn. Your heart doesn't actually burn, you just feel the acid eating away at the stomach.

If you have heartburn and some discomfort in your belly are you pregnant?

Anybody can get heartburn and many people have heart burn. If you have it with discomfort in your stomach doesn't mean that you are pregnant

Is really bad stomach pain a sign of being pregnant?

If it is a heart burn, then yes Possibly but more likely you have stomach pain. Take the test to be sure. AnswerI had proper bad pains in my stomach I couldn't move could I be pregnant?

Are sensitive nipples sore breasts stomach burn and fatigue signs of pregnancy?

yes all of these are signa of being pregnant except for stomach burn ------ Actually... if your saying stomach burn to be something like excessive stomach acid then that could be another sign as it can be a sign of heartburn and (though i have no experience in pregnancy but I've read it up) it says heartburn can be one of the signs.

Can you get a hole in the stomach if you drink a lot of Pepsi?

I could be possible, since it is sort of acidic. I think that only happens with alcohol though, I know that can burn a hole in your stomach.

What happens to a salt and ice burn after a while?

Usually it'll blister and then scar.

What happens if space shuttle misses the runway while landing?

crash and burn

Does sucking in your stomach reduce fat?

No, it does not. However, sucking or holding in your stomach with your abs while you workout force your muscles to work harder and burn more fat

Why does acid burn the esophagus and produce pain but does not burn the stomach?

The stomach has a protective later of mucus. The esophagus does not.

Can you burn you stomach?


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