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I don't know what test you took or what a pink line means so I can't answer that question. But if you still haven't had a regular period, you should talk to your doctor. They will give you a pregnancy test and try and find out why you haven't had a regular period. you.

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Q: What happens if theres pink on the pregnancy test but it is not a straight line?
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What does it mean when theres 1 line in each window on a pregnancy test?

if there is just one line in each window then that means the test came out negative

You just took your pregnancy test and there was one straight line are you pregnant?

One line on a pregnancy test is negative but that doesn't mean you are definitely not pregnant as the test could of missed it or you might not be far enough along

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What does the lines mean on a first response pregnancy test?

The lines on a first response pregnancy test typically indicate whether or not you are pregnant. A positive result is typically shown by two lines: one control line (indicating the test is working correctly) and one test line (indicating the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG). A negative result will show only one line, the control line.

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Usually that means not pregnant it has on all the tests I've seen

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