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They were taken to slave auctions were they would then be sold to white people usually plantation owners.

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Q: What happened when the slaves arrived in the Americas?
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Who brought all the slaves to America?

The Slaves initially arrived in the Americas because of the slave triangle, this was where the Europeans, travelled to Africa and took the Slaves to America, after which they returned to Europe completing the triangle.

Where were the slaves first brought to in the Americas?

I believe that the slaves were first brought into New York Harbor. When they arrived, from real life accounts, they felt so free when they saw the Statue of Liberty.

What percentage of slaves who arrived in the Americas were brought to Spanish colonies?

Of all the Africans brought to the New World, sixty percent were brought to Spanish colonies.

Were African responsible for slavery of their people?

No African were not, even if people claimed they are, then what about what happened to those slaves when they arrived at the new worlds?

What were the Spanish looking for when they arrived in the Americas?


How many slaves died before they were traded?

Slaves were traded at least twice, once in Africa before embarkation, a second time when they arrived in the Americas. A large proportion died at sea, possibly a quarter in a bad voyage.

Who were the first slaves to arrive to America and how many were they?

The first Slaves arrived to america arrived in the us colonies and they were thirdteen of them. ^_^

When were African Americans enslaved?

In 1732, the first slaves arrived in America. In 1732, the first slaves arrived in America.

Why Indians did not work out slaves?

why Indians did not work out as slaves in the Americas

What happened when the settlers arrived?

what happened when white settlers arrived in Aztec

When did the first slaves arrived?

The first African slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1619.

Slaves arrived in the US?

no u idiot

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