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Of all the Africans brought to the New World, sixty percent were brought to Spanish colonies.

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Q: What percentage of slaves who arrived in the Americas were brought to Spanish colonies?
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What were the Spanish looking for when they arrived in the Americas?


Why were the Spanish able to claim the land once they arrived in the Americas?

The Spanish were able to claim land in the Americas primarily through a combination of military conquest, the establishment of colonies, and treaties with indigenous peoples. They also exploited existing power structures and alliances with indigenous groups to solidify their control over territory.

Spanish explorers first arrived in the Americas?

I'm only 14 and I know this(: It was the late 1400s

Did the Aztecs decline before the Europeans arrived in the Americas?

No; they only started to decline when the Spanish started to attack them.

Did the Spanish explorers come before the pilgrims?

Yes, Spanish explorers explored and settled in the Americas before the Pilgrims arrived in what is now known as the United States. The Spanish expeditions in the Americas began with Christopher Columbus in 1492, while the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.

Why did the Europeans settle in Arizona?

The Spanish searching for gold and (after they arrived in the Americas) began searching for myths such as El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth.

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What civilization in the Americas disappeared before the Spanish arrived?

The Maya civilization in Mesoamerica is one example of a pre-Columbian civilization that experienced a decline and abandonment of many of its cities before the Spanish arrived. This decline is thought to have been due to a combination of factors such as environmental degradation, warfare, and social unrest.

How did immigration contribute to the ethnic diversity of the American colonies after 1700?

Spanish, English, and French settlers arrived in larger numbers and this increased the ethnic diversity in the American colonies.

What area of colonies is where most newcomers arrived?

Middle colonies

Was there native fowl in the Americas before Columbus arrived?

yes there were

What year did the Spaniards arrive?

The Spaniards arrived in the Americas in 1492.