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You shake someone's hand with your right hand.

Unless you are a Boy Scout greeting another scout in uniform. Lord Baden-Powell instituted the left hand shake to emulate the Ashanti warriors of Africa who shook with their left hands as it necessitated letting go of their shields - thus indicating trust in the other party.

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Q: What hand do you shake anther persons hand with?
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What can you do if you shake a persons hand when he has Bells Palsy?

Bell's palsy is not contagious, and no special precautions should be taken.

What hand do Indian people shake with?

You shake with your right hand, which is considered to be the "clean" hand. The left hand is considered "unclean".

How do you greet people?

Greet people with eye contact right away. This establishes a relationship with each other. Extend your right hand and shake the persons hand gently but firmly. Smile.

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Is it polite to shake hand when you meet someone for the first time?

Yes. Actually you can hold out your hand and see if they shake it. If they do not respond, you can take your hand back .

What fitness do they test in a hand grip test?

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How do you shake left hand?

Why, with your own left hand. :P

Witch hand is the proper hand to shake hands with?

Whether you are right or left handed, the proper custom is to shake with the right.

Why is the right hand used to shake hands?

Most people are right-handed, therefore we shake hands with our right (strong) hand.

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Some girls find it insulting if a guy reaches out to shake her hand always let the girl reach out to shake your hand. Girl Yes, it's ladie's first , as usual.

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