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Most people are right-handed, therefore we shake hands with our right (strong) hand.

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Q: Why is the right hand used to shake hands?
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How do you hold your girlfriends hand for the first time?

OK SO YOU SAY CAN I HOLD YOU HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or you say do you have cold hands and rub them to warm them up then drop your hands and dont let go of her hand then just hold it next time as she would be used to it !

Why do you use the right hand for shaking hands?

For most people, it is there dominant hand, and that is just the way it has been done for centuries. Its probably the same reason why its the same hand we have over our hearts when we say a national anthem. The dominant hand is/was also used to weild weapons which is the root of why we use that hand in a greeting of peace and welcome. In the days when it was not safe to be outside the walls of your city one was more likely to be holding a weapon with the dominant hand when meeting someone along the way. If that person was safe or peaceful you could put your weapon away. For those who you knew already you could raise your right hand without weapon in it as a greeting - the Romans used this as a salute in the military that is the origin of the current military salute. The raised empty hand and grasping hands is the civilian version of that peaceful greeting. approximately 11% of the World's population is left handed

What is the trail carry method with firearms?

In military drill, the command of "trail arms" means that a rifle, which has been at "order arms" (butt on the ground beside the right foot, barrel gripped by right hand) is lifted vertically a few inches, and carried vertically in the one hand. This is used when moving a group of troops a few feet- as opposed to using "port arms" (rifle carried diagonally across the chest with both hands)

What is the difference between arm and hand?

An arm is what you used to type the question. The hand is what I used to type this answer.

Second hand cannabis smoke?

If cannabis is used in treatments for lung cancer patients, the second hand smoke should have little to no effect what-so-ever. So fight the war on the right side, inhale a cancer treatment not a cancer cause.

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How do you do the hand shake from the Parent Trap?

# Stand facing another person. # Extend your right hand and shake hands twice. # Bring hands to a different position. You will be gripping your partners thumb. # Lift and then "throw" your hands apart. # Stick your right hand with your palm facing down out and alternate hands by placing them on top of each other until all four hands are used. # Put your left hand out as if you are going to shake hands instead slap the back of your hand with the back of your partners hand. (You will keep your left hand here the for steps 6, 7, and 8.) # Place your right hand directly above where you just slapped hands and slap hands again. (This time, slap the palms.) # Slap your own hand and then bring/slap your hands directly underneath your left hand. # Move your left hand so that it is directly underneath your right hand and slap hands. # Move your right hand one last time and slap hands again. # Pivot to the side and bump your left hip to your partners left hip. # Pivot the other way and bump your right hip to your partner's right hip. # Face each other and duck down a bit. You will also put your hands underneath your chin and wiggle your fingers. # Take a big step to the left side of each other and in doing so switch places. # Shake hands again. There you have it! Good luck!

Which hand is used to eat in India?

Right first, after that both hands.

Why must you use your right hand when shaking hands?

because most people are right handed and it's more comfortable for them. so people are more used to lifting up their right hand when about to do something. it really just makes things easier by helping you avoid and ackward shake

What are some Swahili customs?

Only the right hand should be used for eating, accepting and giving. It is considered extremely bad manners to use the left hand when passing anything to someone. Men shake hands with right hand or with both hands, but it is not the custom for women to shake hands at all. To attract the attention of someone, it is the Swahili custom to signal with the hand, bending and flicking the four fingers downwards against the palm. Pointing is abhorred and is only done to the side, never at the person to whom one is talking. Staring is not considered rude or offensive

Wheich hand goes on top when you receive the Eucharist?

With both hands facing palms up, the left hand is placed on top of the right hand and the right hand is used to pick it up and place it in the mouth.

Why boys wear watch on their left hand and why girls on their right hand?

according to Indian/asian culture Boys wear their watches on their left hand, bracelets on their right hand and girls wear watches on their right hand and bracelets on their left hands. Though girls wear bangles on their both hands. Because they are used to wear and do different things.

Do you have to sign with ASL primarily with the right hand?

No. You can usally use which ever hand you want, and most signs are used with 2 hands anyway.

What does it mean when you do some stuff with your left hand and other stuff with your right hand?

Ambidextrous is the term used when people use both hands to do certain jobs.

What is hand detergent used for?

Washing your hands or washing dirty objects by hand.

What hand do you shake with?

In most cultures, it is traditional to shake with the right hand.In Europe, for example, this was a sign of trust; you allowed the other person to clasp your sword hand, preventing you from initiating an attack.Whereas in the Middle East, this was and is a sign of respect; using the left hand for most tasks was taboo, as it was used exclusively for matters of personal hygiene.

What is a hand mitten used for?

Hand mittens that are used in cooking are used to prevent the hands from getting burned by the heat of the oven.

Can hand sanitizer dry your hands out?

yes because of the alcohol used in the hand sanitizer

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