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we have no idea... and that was the point

"Gibbs' birthday gift to Abby echoed the scenes in "Pulp Fiction," the Quentin Tarrantino movie, where there was a briefcase with a golden light that emanated from inside, but the audience never saw what caused the light, nor did any character explain clearly to the audience what was inside." ( its at the very bottom of the Allusions

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Q: What gift did Gibbs give Abby for her birthday?
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What did gibbs give abby for her birthday?

This is not an official answer, it is my theory. It makes the most sense to me, and I will tell you why. Then you decide................ Since we all know Abby is passionate about anything she does. There is one episode how ever, that gave me my best clue. (my only clue really) I don't know numbers or names of episodes. It's the one that starts out with the neighbor lady, heads into "her" neighbor's garage. Only to find him dead, after being torched. Abby was working on the rope used to tie him up, and discovered "MOLD". While researching it, Gibbs comes in and Abby starts to describe the mold and how much she loves it and her eyes glow, and her face brightens up like the sun. Then, when I saw the end of the episode where she is opening up her gift. There had only been one other time I saw her face light up like that(besides the glow from the box)................when she was looking at the mold. I Think Gibbs Gave Abby "Mold" Specimens, for her Birthday. And The Glow Was For Their Environment In Which It Needed To Live. (the right light) The End

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