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Season 6: Oh say can you ski? I hope you are watching the episodes in order becase if you aren't then it wont be as special news and you wont understand whats going on. On YouTube there is someone called crywishes that has all the episodes of the nanny.

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Q: What episode of The Nanny did Fran get pregnant?
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In what episode of The Nanny does Fran tell Mr Sheffield that she is pregnant?

season six episode six, that was when she thought she was pregnant. And when she really get's pregnant she tells him season six episode nine

On the nanny does Fran lose her babies?

no she has twins throughout two episodes she thinks she is pregnant but the reading was wrong

Who played Fran's sister in The Nanny episode What The Butler Sang?

Ellen Ratner.

In the nanny what happen in the episode the fact of lice?

Fran and maxwell three children have lice and Fran thinks that niles is a killer

In what episode of The Nanny does Fran go with the younger girl to a foreign country where she thinks her host won't let her leave?

Not Without My Nanny

In what episode of the nanny do Fran and Mr Sheffield kiss?

They have their first kiss in "A Sunday In The Park With Fran" or something like that.

What episode of The Nanny did Lauren Lane do a spit take on Madeline Zima?

Take back your mink! When Grace told C.C. Fran was pregnant by Mr. Sheffield... she met her pets! LOL!

Can you hire a Fran dresher as a nanny?

NO WAY! she PLaYS a nanny she not really a nanny!!

Who plays the nanny in the tv series?

Fran Drescher played the nanny.

What is Fran Drescher's role on The Nanny?

She plays the title role, the Nanny, Fran Fine.

What episode of the nanny does Fran find out she's having twins?

Fran had her twins in the series finale aptly titled, The Finale however due to the show going on hiatus during Season Six, there were six episodes that aired during June 1999 which were out of chronological order story wise of The Nanny, but the episode that aired after The Finale was Ma'ternal Affairs.

What did Fran Drescher call her boss on the nanny?

Fran called her boss on the Nanny Mr. Sheffield