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M.Sheffield and F.Fine got married on the 40th episode.
They get married at the end of season five

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YES!!! and luckily there are episodes after that too! they even have twins!!! one boy and one girl.

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Q: When do Fran the nanny and Mr Sheffield get married on the nanny?
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What did Fran Drescher call her boss on the nanny?

Fran called her boss on the Nanny Mr. Sheffield

In what episode of the nanny do Fran and Mr Sheffield kiss?

They have their first kiss in "A Sunday In The Park With Fran" or something like that.

Did mr maxwell Sheffield from the nanny die?


Who played mr sheffield in the nanny?

Charles Shaughnessy.

In what episode of The Nanny does Fran tell Mr Sheffield that she is pregnant?

season six episode six, that was when she thought she was pregnant. And when she really get's pregnant she tells him season six episode nine

What episode of The Nanny did Lauren Lane do a spit take on Madeline Zima?

Take back your mink! When Grace told C.C. Fran was pregnant by Mr. Sheffield... she met her pets! LOL!

What episode of the nanny does cc think niles is mr sheffield?


Who does the voice-over for Range Rover commercial?

It's Charles Shaughnessy, "Mr. Sheffield" from The Nanny.

Did Fran ever like mr sheiffield?

Well, obviously! They got married and had kids in season 5 and 6. On the show, there are even things pointed out that show that Fran likes and loves Max. (mr. sheffield.) Look here to watch all the episodes

Does Fran have a husband?

yeah she gets married to mr shefield

What music was played before Fran fine started to walk down the aisle at her and Mr Sheffield's wedding?

Die Antwoord - Enter the ninja

What epiosde of The Nanny did CC do a spit take on Grace?

Take Back Your Mink! Grace told C.C. Miss. Fines pregnant by Mr. Sheffield!