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Makes it feel so much better

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Q: What does weed do to the human body?
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If you loose 50 pounds will it take weed out of body?

If you dont smoke weed for 2 months it will take weed out of your body

What is see weed good for?

weed is 2 relax the mind and escape from the world

Can weed killer kill a human?

if ingested it can

Is synthic weed good?

Synthetic weed (legal weed) is labeled NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION for a very good reason, it is dangerous and extremely risky.

Can you get body stoned from weed?


Does weed stop you from being pregnant?

Weed will hurt your baby severely, because whatever you put in your body will go into the baby's body.

Where are the major physical and human feature of Peru?


Is indica weed head high or body high?

Body high

How do you reduce body pain?

smoke weed

What can smoking weed do to your body?

It will fry your brain!

Does legal weed stay in your system?

Yes of course it does. It will remain in your body just as long as illegal weed would. Weed is weed. no its doesnt stay in your system at all. it has no THC

How can alcohol affect human health?

alcohol is a beverage and a weed. it harms human being kidneys.