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When 'it' gets so big a girl cant put it in her mouth without hurting her jaw

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"Locking a girl's jaw" typically refers to engaging in a forceful or aggressive kiss that restricts the person's ability to open their jaw or move away. It is often seen as inappropriate behavior and lacks consent.

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Q: What does to Lock a Girl's jaw mean?
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What does the term lock jaw mean?

The term jaw lock is when the dog has his teeth on an item and is very hard to pull him away puto's

What is a lock jaw?

”lock jaw” is a medical condition to where the dogs mouth gets stuck when opening wide.

Does a German shepherd have lock jaw?

No dog has the ability to lock their jaw when biting. “Lock jaw” is a medical condition where ANY dogs mouth can lock when opening wide. It is not breed specific.

How manybreads of dogs have lock jaw?

Are there any type of dogs that can lock their jaws? DOGS DO NOT HAVE LOCK JAW! IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR A DOG TO LOCK ITS JAW!

Does a check shepherd have lock jaw?

No dog has a locking jaw. Their jaw may be powerful but NO breed can lock it's jaw. (Not even a pit bull or other bully breed)

Does a pug have a lock jaw?


Do Doberman pincher's have lock jaw?

NO..... NO DOG OF ANY BREED HAS LOCK JAW !!!! That is a myth ! (Not even the pit bull).....

What is the name of the vaccine that prevents lock jaw?

tetanus PREVENTS lockjaw if this is what you mean

How do you part 2 staffs fighting when one got lock jaw?

What do u do to part a staff that gets lock jaw on another dog

Do boxers have lock jaws?

Hi there, I own an American Staffordshire Terrier, very powerful dog including the jaw. My best friend owns a boxer and we had this exact discussion between ourselves about 2 years ago. We exhausted every avenue of "lock-jaw". Read every thing we could find about lock jaw and asked numerous Vets. They all had the same answer......No dog on this earth has "lock-jaw". The only case of a dog having lock-jaw was a dog with tetanus lock-jaw, it is very rare that a dog gets this type of disease , that is the only type of lock-jaw a dog may get. It's a medical condition , nothing to do with the actual "lock-jaw" I hope this answered your question...there is no such thing as a dog with "lock-jaw". Its a myth. Check out this site, its the one we found to be most creditable and he confirmed the "lock-jaw" myth

How do you cure lock jaw?

chew gum

Does a pug lock jaw?

No a pugs jaw DOES NOT lock. If you are having a dog with this problem you need to see a vet. It could be a simple tooth problem or somethiing genetic tho pugs are NOT given to having jaw issues.