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Spotting is just when there are small amounts of blood in your discharge. If this is just before your period then it is likely just the start of your period.

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Q: What does spotting mean before your period in your 15?
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You had your period for 5days on may 11-15 it was light period the dr said you were already pregnant?

First trimester spotting and/or bleeding is fairly common. It is likely that is what you were experiencing.

Is it normal to get your period 8 days after you already had it if you are 15?

It could be. Maybe what you thought your period was just spotting before the actual period. That can happen. If you have just started puberty it takes a year or two before your cycle settles down to a regular cycle. This could be happening with you since you are 15. I will warn you the same thing happens when menopause starts when you are older. No one warns you about these things. I suggest you keep a calendar of your period and see if you see a pattern developing.

Can you ovulate 13 days before your period?

Yes 13-15 days before a period is the usual time to ovulate

Spotting with IUD are you pregnant?

I have spotted on on the 8the and don't get my period and then nothing and then again today 15 the why is this happening to me I've had it 2 and half year Year with it

What does it mean if the due date for your house payment is on the 1st but you have a 15-day grace period?


What is the difference between 20-60x80 and a 15-45x60 spotting scope?

For a 15-45x60 model, then, you have a spotting scope with a zoom magnification range of 15-45x with a front lens of 60mm diameter.

If your period is 15 days early what is the implictions?

It probably doesn't mean anything if your period is 15 days early. However, if it continues contact your doctor and have her check you out.

Is spotting at 15 weeks pregnant normal?

Spotting is absolutely normal. But if it is associated with pain, raise an alarm and meet your doctor immediately!

How much blood is considered spotting in early pregnancy?

About 15 tablespoons

What does N mean on the period table?

N means nitrogen.It is placed in group-15.

When is the latest a girl should get her period?

well it depends if its not before 15 you SHOULD ask a doctor

How do doctors determine the day you concieved?

they look at when you has your last period. you ovulate 10-15 days before you have a period and you can only conceive when you're ovulating.

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