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A normal pregnancy, there is no blood at all, at any stage of the pregnancy until the very end, where some women may loose their mucus plug.

Spotting generally is when you wipe and there is a pink tinge, or you wear a pad and find some (but not much) blood.

Some women get a bit of spottign around the time their period is due, which is called implantation spotting.

I spotted and bled through 3 of my pregnancies, one of them I had 4 full on periods in the first 18 weeks, which was very scary. but my baby was fine.

I would alwasy let your midwife know of any spotting. of any kind, pink or brown. just to be sure. goodluck

Also, sex and internals can cause a little spotting without need for concern... make sure you let your lead maternity carer know

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Q: What does spotting during pregnancy look like How much is usually there And how long should it last Is it normal to bleed a little off and on during the day for a couple of days?
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What causes spotting and cramping during pregnancy?

usually stress sometimes if you have intercourse that can cause bleeding even infections

Have fluttering in stomache but got period?

Pregnancy is still a possibility. Many women can confuse spotting during pregnancy for a period but it's not. Spotting during pregnancy is normal. Take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Why would one be spotting during pregnancy?

The most common causes of slight spotting during pregnancy are implantation bleeding, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, and placental abruption.

Is spotting right before your period mean that your are not pregnant?

No. Spotting can occur during pregnancy.

What is the frequency of spotting during pregnancy?

About 50% of all pregnancies have some early spotting.

Is spotting normal During 5 week pregnancy?

Spotting is more common within the first few weeks of pregnancy.... Although is it not as common it is still possible to experience spotting later in Pregnancy

Fever and brown spotting during early pregnancy?


How much spotting is normal during pregnancy?

Spotty what? Cows?

Spotting after 4weeks pregnant did i have misscarage?

Spotting during pregnancy can occur about the time you would usually have a period. However, with a miscarriage there is more active bleeding and tissue is passed with abdominal cramping. Just spotting does not indicate a miscarriage.

What does it mean if you only spot during your period?

spotting is usually a sign of pregnancy. but it can also be a result from taking certain birth control.

Is spotting a constant thing for a couple of days or does it happen randomly a few times a day?

Menstrual spotting can occur randomly or for several days straight; it depends on the woman, her cycle, her hormones, etc. However, you should always get checked for spotting during pregnancy.

Can spotting during a pregnancy be a brownish color?

sometimes it can be but i would get it looked at.....

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