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The most common causes of slight spotting during pregnancy are implantation bleeding, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa, and placental abruption.

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Q: Why would one be spotting during pregnancy?
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Is spotting for a week normal in one week pregnancy?


Why one drop of spotting occured during 13th week of pregnancy?

As long as it is only a drop, not accompanied by cramps or anything you probably have nothing to worry about.

What does that little spotting in the first two weeks of my pregnancy?

Yes, one can get some amount of spotting in the initial months of pregnancy but it is not a period. However if it continues you must show it to the doctor.

Does brown spotting lead to a miscarriage?

Spotting in early pregnancy occurs more frequently then one would suspect and is considered normal. The best thing to do is to follow closely with your local ob-gyn.

If you experience spotting then a period that is unsual does that mean your pregnant?

It can mean many things but one of those things is pregnancy so I would go get a pregnancy test or talk to your doctor. Good luck :)

Is it normal to spot during 7 month of pregnancy?

Sometimes. But see your doctor to be sure.

Is only a spotting of blood for one day considered a period?

No. Take a pregnancy test.

Why am I Spotting during eighth month of pregnancy?

Any bleeding during the 2nd and 3rd trimester would be considered "abnormal" and you need to call your doctor. I don't want to alarm you, as spotting can be caused by many things, however you need to make the call to someone that can check things out for you.

Can you still have more than one period in early pregnancy?

Sometimes it is commen for women to have periods during pregnancy. But, any kind of bleeding during a pregnancy should be reported to your doctor so they can check just in case to make sure that there was no miscarriage.

If you took a pregnancy test one day then come on your period the next day are you pregnant?

I very much doubt it but some woman can have light periods, sometimes called spotting during pregnancy. Do another test to be sure or visit the doctor.

I've been spotting and cramping for about two weeks. The spotting started about 4 days after my last period ended.?

Spotting and Cramping are two of the most common early signs of pregnancy, also look out for tiredness, frequent head aches and the obvious one...morning sickness, i would say your next step is to see a pharmacist for a pregnancy test and then book in to your doctor/midwife (depending on the result ofcourse), Good Luck! :)

If your spotting a little at about 6 or 7 weeks into your pregnancy what does it mean?

It could be spotting from the baby implanting, still making its way out. Or your progesterone may be dropping (meaning you could lose the baby) or it could mean nothing. I had spotting with both my pregnancies. one of them i lost, one of them stuck.