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Sims are a card that holds the phones number and basic information. A sim free one just does not have this option so a store has to switch numbers from phone to phone.

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Q: What does sim free phone mean?
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What are sim free phones?

A sim free mobile is a mobile phone that can be bought which is unlocked to any network. i.e: can be used on any network, and not specifically one eg; o2. ~ AshJordan

What is a phone sim?

A SIM free phone is one that does not have a SIM card included with the phone. This type of phone may not be able to be used with all networks. Some networks require a SIM card.

Are phone numbers free or is there a fee when you get one?

No, your phone number is not free. When you buy a phone you also need to buy a sim card, which register your phone number. Without a sim card there is absolutely no way of contacting your phone.

Is a blackberry Z10 compatible with an at and t Sim card?

A phone SIM card is built to an industrial standard, they will fit and work in any phone manufactured by any manufacturer - they all have and provide standard SIM card connectors. However, some Mobile Phone companies who "give" you a free phone as part of a contract deal with, them LOCK the phone to their service (in software in the phone), which means that that phone will only work with a SIM card provided to you by them. It is possible to get the phone "unlocked" or to purchase a "SIM free" phone which then allows you to use any SIM in the phone.

What does sim free maen?

SIM free - means the phone is supplied 'unlocked' - in that it is not tied to a specific network when you buy it. The phone will work with any inserted SIM card - without having to get it unlocked by your current service provider first.

Can you still get free texts for 20 euro a month with a sim-free phone?


What does it mean if your phone says SIM Disabled-What should you do?

buy a new Sim card or consult a local mobile phone store

Where can someone purchase a sim free mobile phone?

Verizon offers several phones that are SIM free and run on the CDMA network, such as several basic Samsung and LG models. In order to find a SIM free phone, it may be best to talk to a Verizon sales representative.

Can you put your SIM card in phone?

Well, yeah. No one can stop you from buying it when you don't have a phone. That is, unless you are buying it directly from the carriers.

Does the O2 mobile phone service have plans that allow for free texts?

Mobile phone service O2 offers free texts, some unlimited, in many of its Pay and Go and Pay Monthly tariffs. Free texts are available with both the Sim only and Phone and Sim deals.

Can you use another service provider sim card in your vodafone mobile connect card?

Only if your phone is sim free.

What does it mean if a phone is NOT sim free but is unlocked?

ALL mobiles need a SIM card in order to make & receive calls. An unlocked hone has simply been released by the original network provider in readiness for someone to put a different company's SIM card in it. Relating to your question, the phone has been unlocked, but the seller has left their original SIM card in it. You have the choice of either using their SIM card or inserting your own.