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Q: What does sexual intercourse feel?
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How does a women feel during sexual intercourse?

they try to feel brave

Can sexual intercourse speed up the delivery of a baby?

No. You can have sexual intercourse when you're pregnant, though it might feel a little different

When man and woman having sexual intercourse also that woman is her first time to have sexual intercourse what she will feel?

She will feel anxiety and then extreme relief and a extremely good feeling during and after the orgasm.

Does it feel good when you have sexual intercourse?

Yes, it feels very good.

Does sexual intercourse feel good?

It's supposed to. If not, there could be problems in the relationship.

Being a girl is it normal to feel the need to poop during sexual intercourse?

I don't see why you have an answer.

How do hormones affect your body?

It affects you by then after receiving the harm-ones you then feel sexually attracted and you feel like having a sexual intercourse.

What is sexual union?

Sexual intercourse.

What is Abstinence of Refraining from sexual relations?

That means that you refrain from sexual intercourse - in other words, that you don't have sexual intercourse.

Why do wagtail bird migrate?

by having sexual intercourse with a bear

What happens during sexual intercauses?

During sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, the man places his penis inside the woman's vagina. This is known as vaginal intercourse. Sexual intercourse could refer to any type of sexual activity in which one partner penetrates another. Other "types" of sexual intercourse include anal intercourse and oral intercourse.

How likely is catching mrsa threw sexual intercourse?

You are not likely to get MRSA via sexual intercourse.