What does kidrauhl mean in youtube?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Jeremy Bieber, Justin's dad, called him self "LordRauhl" from a main character in a book. So justin is called "KidRauhl" because hes Jeremys son.

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Q: What does kidrauhl mean in youtube?
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What is 'Kidrauhl'?

Kidrauhl is justin bieber's youtube channel name

What is Pattie Mallette's YouTube channel?


What was Justin Biebers first youtube channel?


What was Justin biebers youtube channel before he was famous?


Are the video's that helped Justin Bieber get famous still on YouTube What is the URL?

The videos are on his youtube account kidrauhl

What does kidrauhl mean?

"Kidrauhl" was Justin Bieber's original YouTube username before he rose to fame. The name is a combination of "kid" and "rauhl," which is a play on the word "real." It represented Bieber's young age at the time and his authenticity as an aspiring musician.

What Is Justin Bieber's Website Name?

www.justinbiebermusic.comwell, his youtube channel name is kidrauhl and/or justinbieber

Why justin bieber called his youtube channel kidrauhl?

maybe because kids rule

How do you suscribe to Justin bieber?

To subscribe on Youtube is it?Well if it is, then you type in on Youtube 'kidrauhl' that is Bieber's name on Youtube, then go on his profile and click 'Subscribe'.Simple!

What does the word Rauhl mean?

Justin Bieber kidrauhl becuz his father is @Lordrauhl so he just did it kid becuz he is a kid and @kidrauhl I have him in my FB

What website can you write to Justin and he write back?

There is no total website, the most chances you have is messaging him on youtube [kidrauhl] or twitter

What is the name of the website where Scooter Brian saw Justin Bieber's talent?

It was youtube on Justin's facebook page, "Kidrauhl"