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Q: What was Justin biebers youtube channel before he was famous?
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How long was Justin Biebers youtube video up before he got famous?

Just over 5 months

What is Justin drew Biebers school called before he was famous?

He is Homeschooled!

What did the Aztecs call themselves before they became a powerful empire?

The justin biebers

What was one of Justin Biebers videos before he was famous?

when he is singing "with you" by Chris Brown. (on

Does Justin Biebers Chinese mum squeak his balls before show?

no its not true but i do go out with Justin bieber soo i know its a lie

What is Justin Biebers lucky item?

A potato that named frank he kisses with it before every concert

Who are Justin biebers Exs?

One of his ex-gf is Caitlin Beadles... but before that I don't remember

What is Justin Bieber's official Youtube channel?

Justin Bieber's ONLY official Youtube accounts are kidrauhl and justinbieber. His music companies operate JustinBieberVEVO and JustinBieberMusic. ALL other channels claiming to be Justin's are not really his. kidrauhl was his original account before he became famous, and he still uses it today.To access Justin Bieber's official fan YouTube account, click on either of the related links below.

Was Selena Gomez Justin Biebers girlfriend before?

Both Justin and Selena say no they have not dated Justin has a crush on Selena but no they not dated i don't think hope that help

When was Justin Biebers last girlfriend?

Caitlin beadles. they broke up right before he went on tour

What was Justin Bieber's first song on YouTube before he was famous?

"Justin Bieber's" first song on Youtube was "One Time". =] no that was when he was FAMOUSE. Justin beiber was descoverd on youtube from his homemade videos, but nvm casue i found his first video before he was famouse thx anyway!

What is Justin Biebers home town like now?

It's the same as before small and calm, but now its mostly famous because Justin Bieber as born there