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Sorry, but you guys won't last

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Q: What does it mean when youre In a relationship with someone but you don't talk?
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What does it mean when someone calls you a poser?

That youre a fake

What does you just want to be friends mean?

It means u dont want a relationship with someone, just to be friends

What does it mean if someone calls you legit?

it means youre cool.

What does have guts mean?

it means that person is daring you to kill them and if you dont, youre a pansy

What does it mean to grow away from someone?

That you dont spend as much time with them so its different when youre around them and then when you talk to them over the phone its kinda wierd and you have nothing to talk about

If someone says they care about you but dont want to be in a relationship what does that mean?

They are obviously not interested in a relationship at this time or they don't see you more than a friend, cares for you but not the way you would like.

What does You're really growing on me' mean?

It means that youre really becoming part of someone's life. something like, it means, youre really becoming something important to that someone.

Should everyone have health care?

Yes! What if someone died that you love! You probally think that it would never happen to you , but it can! I mean if you dont have Health care, Youre just putting you and the people you love in danger! :)

What does it mean if you dream about a guy but then in your dream you start to live with them and you act like your married?

It means you want to settle down, or youre done with excitement for a while. It could mean that you want to be more serious with that person. It could also mean that youre very confident in your relationship.

What does it mean when someone says they miss you sexually?

It mean's u had a sexual relationship with them- not a "Relationship-Relationship" with them. Like F-buddies almost...

What does it mean when a guy says youre slow?

He means you're dimwitted, not a fast walker, and/or you don't want to rush your romantic relationship.

What does it mean to dream someone tells you they want a relationship with you?

It might mean that subconsciously you are attracted to them or perhaps want to pursue a relationship with them. Or if you are sure that you do not want a relationship with that person you might just be projecting your want of a relationship onto someone you know.