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If you really want to know why your boyfriend blocked you on Facebook, is to ask him. He's the only one who knows the real reason.

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend blocked you on facebook but says he still loves you?
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My boyfriend blocked me on facebook and he still calls me and says babe i love you bub?

Your boyfriend has blocked you on Facebook because he does not want you to see some of his posts. Chances are high that he is cheating on you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend blockes you on facebook bit he still loves you?

If your boyfriend blocks you on Facebook it means that he does not want anything to do with you.

My boyfriend unblocked me on facebook but his not talking to me but he says he still loves and wants me and loves me?

If your boyfriend blocks you on Facebook, he may not want you to see what he's posting. Maybe he doesn't want to share everything with you but he can still love you.

Can you block someone on Facebook if that person already blocked you?

You sure can, then if, in the future they unblock you, you'll still have them blocked.

What if your boyfriend loves you still but he is ignoring you?

depends why he is ignoring you

How can you get over your ex boyfriend if you still love him and he still loves you but it's just not going to work?

Get a new boyfriend!

If you have a boyfriend and your old boyfriend has a girlfriend how do you know if he still loves you?

you can't unless you ask him

Should you break up with your girlfriend if she still loves her boyfriend but loves me too?

do not visit

How can you know if your boyfriend still loves you?

you know if he still does if he talks to you and listen and under stands

What to do when you still love your ex girlfriend and she says she loves you but she also has a boyfriend she loves to?

say how much you love her

My boyfriend and I are concently arguin and he is unsure if he still loves me what should you do?

i would dump him, find someone who loves you !

If a girl tolk about her x boyfriend to you?

If a girl keep on talking about her ex-boyfriend to you that means she still loves him!