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You sure can, then if, in the future they unblock you, you'll still have them blocked.

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Q: Can you block someone on Facebook if that person already blocked you?
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How do you block someone on facebook that has blocked you?

Update (by Luckluster): You can block that person, if that person sent you a message in the past. Go to the "messages" screen, find a message from that person and then click on the "options" menu" ----- you cant block anyone that already has you blocked May I add: You can block this person as well if you know their email address. Facebook gives you the option of blocking email addresses. well i say you shoyld be abel to alri

Can someone still read your message after you blocked them on facebook?

They actually can, but it appears from a person with no link (i.e. name is in black) and no photo

What happens when you block an unconfirmed friend on Facebook?

When you block someone on facebook they have no access to anything of yours on facebook. If they type your name is search nothing will come up. If you and the blocked person have a friend in common and you post something on your friends page and the blocked person see's it your name will come up as Facebook user. As well when you block someone you are blocking yourself from them aswell. So the same rules apply to you aswell.

If you want to block someone on Facebook but Facebook can't locate that person - does that mean he or she has already blocked you?

Facebook server sometimes crashes and is slow and if you can't find that person there can be other reasons too.They could have deleted their profile,changed their name or marked their profile as unsearchable.And in the end it means they have blocked you. But you can verify that by searching for that person on google.Of course there will be a few people under the same name but google will find the pages on facebook and then you can click on the link that you think is the person you are looking for. Before you do all that sign out of facebook.When you find the person on google go their profile and bookmark or save the link.Then sign in and open the link.If it shows something like error or that wrong link or something like that then yes you are blocked..

What does it look like when someone blocks you on facebook?

It doesn't really look like anything. You just won't be able to see the person who blocked you

How can one unblock a friend on Facebook?

If you would like to unblock someone from facebook, simply go to your account settings and click on a button that says "Blocking". Once clicked on, you can see a list of people or a person previously blocked and simply click unblock and you are done.

How to unblock Facebook on apple ibook g4?

To gain access to FaceBook you need to ask the person who blocked it to unblock it for you.

Can you send a message on facebook to the person who blocked you?

No, you can not view their profile or even search them.

How can you get unblocked in facebook by sending messages?

You can't. The person who blocked you can only unblock you.

Why can't I interact with a specific person on Facebook?

Perhaps they might have you blocked for some reason.

Does facebook automatically unblock persons?

It's not supposed to happen. Once you blocked someone, you are the only person who can unblock that profile again. HOWEVER, it happened to me a couple of times that I was sure I blocked a profile but they either unblocked 'automatically' or where never blocked to begin with. Both times when I used the app on my phone.

Is your Facebook safe if the contact on Facebook is corrupt?

Of course it is, One(crazy pervert) person sent me things and i just blocked him and reported him and his posts.