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That you still love him or are afraid of him

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Q: What does it mean when you keep seeing the guy you used to like name everywhere?
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What does it mean when you keep seeing some guys name everywhere you go or look?

he is stalking you or you are so in love you just think you see him everywhere

Why is there mean girls everywhere you go?

They're like cockroaches. They're everywhere. Just step past them and keep moving before they get on you.

What does the all seeing eye mean?

All seeing eye is symbol of god, watching everyone, everything and everywhere. :)

You keep seeing hearts what does it mean?

your in love

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If i knew dude, I would tell ya, I keep seeing the number everywhere ist lingering.

Why do you keep seeing hearts every were is it related to GOD?

Well, I don't see hearts everywhere. It must be you. You are have beautiful hallucinations. Through, if by hearts you mean the cardiovascular muscle type, then you are having horrible, grotesque hallucinations.

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i dont know what it means but i keep seeing the number 13 multiple times during the day as well

What does world mean?

what does world mean

What does it mean when you are always seeing golden retrevers no matter where you go or on tv open a book everywhere?

It means you are going crazy.

What does a number you keep seeing supposed to mean?

It means that you have a yeast infection.

I have seen my boyfriend naked and I am 16. what does that mean?

keep seeing him naked then

Wat does it mean When you brake up with a girl and keep seeing her unexpectedly?

she might just still like you but afraid to say have a go if you love her to