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your in love

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Q: You keep seeing hearts what does it mean?
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Why do you keep seeing hearts every were is it related to GOD?

Well, I don't see hearts everywhere. It must be you. You are have beautiful hallucinations. Through, if by hearts you mean the cardiovascular muscle type, then you are having horrible, grotesque hallucinations.

If you keep seeing number 777 what does it mean?

i dont know what it means but i keep seeing the number 13 multiple times during the day as well

I have seen my boyfriend naked and I am 16. what does that mean?

keep seeing him naked then

What does a number you keep seeing supposed to mean?

It means that you have a yeast infection.

How do you get to the hearts with your tamagotchi?

If you mean hearts as in, health and happiness, just feed it meals and snacks. If you mean hearts between different Tamagotchi's so you can get them married, you can't actually get the two Tama's to have hearts until there adults. But just keep conecting the two tamagotchi's together, and soon enough you'll have hearts!

What does it mean to keep seeing a redbird?

means someone is coming to visit from far away

What does it mean when you keep seeing the guy you used to like name everywhere?

That you still love him or are afraid of him

How do you beat Pirates of the Caribbean on kingdom hearts 2?

Do you mean Barbossa? If you do then WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP HIM OUT OF THE SHADOW and when its dark keep hitting the heartless with the little light.

Why do heartless in Kingdom Hearts have zippers on them?

I think to keep the trapped hearts inside

I keep seeing the number 319 what does this mean?

It means totally nothing - exept that ther is number 319 around

What does seeing 3 black hearts on 3 separate occasions symbolize?

You are playing cards.

Can a hospital keep you from seeing a patient?

Under the right conditions, yes, a hospital can keep you from seeing a patient. If the patient is contagious, is undergoing surgery, or is in ICU (which is the most probable reason), a hospital can keep you from seeing a patient.