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If you mean bloated and gassy, this is normal...

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2011-02-27 17:15:41
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Q: What does it mean when you feel like your going to puke while on your period?
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Is it normal to feel sexually aroused during my period?

It is normal to feel like you want to have sex on your period. A woman's hormones are going wild when on their period.

Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period while being pregnant?

yes it can

Why does it feel like after running a mile you feel like you have menstrual cramps while your running when your not on your period?

Did you drink water before running? Cuz that'll happen if you do.

Can you take delsym while taking Lexapro?

No I did it and I feel like I am going to die right now.

Can vaginal bleeding feel like a period?

That is a period.

Is it safe to eat tom yum soup while pregnant?

I dont know, I just had it and now I am scared, I feel like somthing is wrong, and I am getting some strange feeling and pain in my tummy, feel like I am going to get my period, I am 8 weeks pregnant. I am wishing that nothing would happen to my baby :(

If people have urinary tract infection do they feel like I'm going to start my period?

If you mean low abdominal pain, the answer is yes.

SPOtting while on your period what does that mean?

Like your blood is on your underwear while you have your period.

Why do you feel like vomiting after last day of period?

If you feel like vomiting after the last day of you period, you may just have a virus. There should be no reason to vomit just over your period.

Is it okay if you feel like throwing up while being on my period?

I always kind of feel like I have the flu for the first day or two of my period. My best friend and my sister do, too. I think it's just another symptom that comes with the *joy* of being a woman, lol.

Do you still feel like your period is coming after you have conceived?

you feel as if you had sex and eddies penis is still in you twot! so if you are like me and it feels like you are having your first period just think you are in the bed with Eddie or Brian! DICKS FEEL GOOD SO HOPE YOU HAVE YOUR PERIOD

Can you visit a docotor while on your period?

Why wouldn't you be able to ? its not like hes going down there if you have a problem you can go to your doctors whenever you need to.

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