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Most likely it isn't too much more then just that, he thinks your picture is cute. You just need to decide if he is the kinda guy to use those types of compliments to hint at other things.

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It likely means that he finds you physically attractive. He may be expressing interest in getting to know you better or possibly pursuing a romantic relationship.

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He thinks your cute and most likely likes you, but is to shy to ask you out. Be promiscuous towards him if you want to get with him.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy tells your friend he thinks you're cute?
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What should you do if you like someone and no one knows about it but then your best friend calls you and tells you that he just told her he thinks she's cute?

Get over it.

What does it mean when a girl tells you she likes you more than a friend but then she says she doesn't like you like that?

I think it means that she thinks that you are some what cute, but will not go out with you.

If a guy friend tells you goodnight qt what does that mean does he like you?

It means he thinks ur cute he may just want to be friends though lolx

When a guy tells a mutual friend he thinks your very very cute and tells them to tell you does that mean he likes you?

Yes it does. He is probably shy, which is why a mutual friend is introducing you, so make sure you treat him nicely, even if you don't like him back.

What does it mean when a guy tells you you have a cute ol smile?

it means the thinks your pretty and cute, hes flirting with you.

A girl called you cute?

If a girl called you cute, then its as simple as that, she thinks you are cute, She may like you and that may be her way of showing it but she may also like you as a friend but thinks you are good looking

How can you get your best friend with another girl that you dont even know but he does?

you introduce yourself to her and then tell her that your friend thinks shes cute and see what she says then, depending on what she says, tell him that she thinks he is cute and wants to get to know him

If a boy tells you that your cute does that mean that he likes you?

i think that when a Boy tells you your cute it could probably mean he likes you or he just thinks your cute or he is just playing around but you can never give up hope :)

Is Jayson Werth cute?

my opinion is that he is soooo NOT cute!! lol sorry bout that but my friend thinks that he is HOT! lol i know

What does it mean when a girl thinks your cute in a brotherly way?

It means the girl thinks of you as her friend, kind of like a brother. but not as a relationship.

Will a guy call you pretty cute or beautiful if he thinks of u as just friends or does he say them cuz he like likes you?

If a guy tells you that you are cute or pretty, he is very interested in you.

What does it mean when a guy says you're cute?

It means he's gay thinks you're gay and wants to date you. Or(if he's your friend) He's joking around. Probably... But i think if you are a girl, and a guy tells you this, this probably means that he likes you :)