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When a guy hugs you with his hands down around you if hes intentionally holding you close and makes the hug last then he likes you if its just a quick hug then its just a hug.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy hugs you with his hands down around you and yours around his neck?
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What do certain types of hugs mean Like Hands above-and-behind your shoulders. and Hands around the waist For both boy and girl?

hands above the shoulders say: "i'm taller than you" hands around waist say: "i'm shorter than you"

What does this hug mean he puts his hands on your upper back and then hugs for long time?

wean a guy hugs you and he pot his hands an your upper back what does this hug mean?

If a girl hugs you around the neck where should you hug her back waist?

you should put your hands around her waist and hold your hand around her back and kinda hold her tight

What does it mean when a guy hugs you and presses his face against yours?

that he loves you(: duhhh(:

If a boy hugs you and slowly puts his hands on your hips and holds you while talking to you with his face only inches from yours and looking into your eyes what does it mean?

it probably means he really likes yooh and is about kiss you.

What is the premarital intimacy of the Duggar children?

Courting = Side hugsEngagement = Holding hands and side hugsMarriage = Kissing, holding hands, and side hugs

Which should happen first hugs or holding hands?

It depends how serious you are. If you're hilding hands, then you will have to hug soon. But then don't do something you don't want to do.

What should you do if a friend that used to give you hugs everyday is now giving hugs to your boyfriend?

well, if she was your friend before you started dating him then go talk to her about it and reminder her hes yours, and if she keeps doing it shes not a real friend.

Media teacher who's a guy he's around 28 . and he acts very strangely around me he often hugs me or touches my back shoulder and hands is it innapropiate or not?

no he`s just being nice but if you`re onconffertable you should tell him

Does he like you if whenever you walk his arm is around you And he hugs you a lot?

If he does this to more girls then probably no. But if you are the only one he ever puts his arm around or hugs then probably yes.

What does it mean when a boy hugs you and then carries and spins you around?

He cares about you : )

How can the boy you like but he flirts with you and stuff hold hands and hugs?

If you like him, then why are you worrying about him holding your hands or hugging you. If you want to get serious with him, drop him signals here and there or maybe propose him.