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It is a mind trick more or less to let the man realize she is what he is looking for.

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It could mean that she wants you to find happiness and fulfillment, either with her or in a different situation. It can also suggest that she may not see a future together but wishes you well in your search for happiness.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl says she hopes you find what your looking for?
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What does it mean when a girl tells you another guy is hot?

She likes you and hopes your jealous, or she feels close enough to you to tell you that.

What does it mean if a girl gets angry at a guy for looking at another girl's foot?

that is stupid, but it means that the girl is jealous that you are looking at another girl's foot and not her own... at least its only a foot

A girl gives you number after you asked whether she wanted your number... What does this mean?

Sounds possible she might be shy about ringing you but hopes you will ring her.

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An extreamly Good Looking Girl!

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what dose it mean when i dream im looking for my boyfriend in my dream but i never find him

If a guy is talking to a girl and she is looking over is she flirting please no silly answers?

what do you mean "looking over"?

What doas it mean when a girl laughs at you when she looks at you?

That your a geek and funny looking

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Get out there and meet people. There is every possibility you will be hurt again, that's part of the process. Eventually you will find someone who will care for you. You should take a chance and go ask someone out. i mean you are 18!!! But don't always get your hopes up though when you are goin to ask a girl out. i mean big deal one girl didnt won't to go out with you that was a long time ago you know that doesnt mean that another girl is going to say no

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sorry, but if i said that, it would mean that I'm not interested

What does the song Stay your Baby by Miranda Cosgrove really mean?

Its about a girl who likes a guy. and she hopes he will never break up with her .and wants to be his girlfriend for ever

A girl was looking at you while you were looking your iPod what does this mean?

She was either jealous because she didn't have one, or interested in what you were doing.

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A buddy is a guy that will go out and get him a good looking girl and bring her better looking friend home for you.