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what dose it mean when i dream im looking for my boyfriend in my dream but i never find him

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2009-02-03 18:02:04
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Q: What does it mean looking for your boyfriend in your dream but never find him?
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What does it mean if you cant get a hold of someone in your dream?

What does it mean if you cant find someone your looking for in your dream

How do you get my dream girl when she has a boyfriend?

Talk to her as friends and don't go no farther until they break up or you can find another dream girl.

Where can you find neverland?

to get to never land you got to dream about harrie potter and then peater pan will come and kill you for thinking about his boyfriend and then after you will arise and gess where god is. he is in never land and enless you don't want to be a goast and go haunt people like me you will find never land. glad i could help.

Why can't you find a boyfriend if you're chubby?

Your looking in the wrong places!

What does it mean to dream of your ex-boyfriend wearing white clothes?

You miss him and find the color white attractive?

Why can you not find a boyfriend?

why cant i find a boy friend i m available if you re still looking for a boyfriend. Hope to hear from you.

What does it mean when you dream that your ex best friend is dating your ex boyfriend?

Holy cow Ima find my dream book and look it up dats crazy!

Can you help me find a boyfriend from US?

You're just looking for a green-card arent you? -.-

Where Can you find a boyfriend at the age 12?

At school or in your neighborhood. You're to young to be looking for boys on the internet.

What does it mean if you dream about your ex - boyfriend sleeping over your home?

That would seem to suggest that you still have strong feelings for him. These dreams will probably go away when you find a new boyfriend.

What is Romeo's dream in Act one scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet?

We never find out, because Mercutio, always wanting to be centre stage, cuts him off and wants to talk about his own dream. We never get back to what Romeo's dream was.

Had a dream i was getting married to my boyfriend then i leave to the bathroom and come back but hes gone and i have a black dress on whats it mean?

Very generally, this dream suggests some reservations about entering into a committed relationship. Returning from the rest room to find the boyfriend gone indicates some doubt about his sincerity. Note that the dream reflects the dreamer'sfeelings, and does not provide information about the boyfriend's thoughts or emotions.

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