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what dose it mean when i dream im looking for my boyfriend in my dream but i never find him

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Q: What does it mean looking for your boyfriend in your dream but never find him?
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How do you get my dream girl when she has a boyfriend?

Talk to her as friends and don't go no farther until they break up or you can find another dream girl.

What does it mean if you cant get a hold of someone in your dream?

What does it mean if you cant find someone your looking for in your dream

Why can't you find a boyfriend if you're chubby?

Your looking in the wrong places!

Why can you not find a boyfriend?

why cant i find a boy friend i m available if you re still looking for a boyfriend. Hope to hear from you.

Can you help me find a boyfriend from US?

You're just looking for a green-card arent you? -.-

Had a dream i was getting married to my boyfriend then i leave to the bathroom and come back but hes gone and i have a black dress on whats it mean?

Very generally, this dream suggests some reservations about entering into a committed relationship. Returning from the rest room to find the boyfriend gone indicates some doubt about his sincerity. Note that the dream reflects the dreamer'sfeelings, and does not provide information about the boyfriend's thoughts or emotions.

What does your dream mean when you dream you see that you are still with your ex boyfriend but out of nowhere he leaves and you try to look for him but never find him?

If you still love your ex boyfriend then your heart is hurting and it is a form of grieving of lost love and all the memories that go with it. A human dreams every half hour (they don't remember any of the dreams while in a deep sleep called REM) and it is to release stress from the day's routine. The dreams people do remember happen within seconds of waking up and they are no longer in REM sleep. Your dream means you may have felt you made a mistake breaking up with your ex boyfriend; you both may have agreed to break up or, he broke up with you so if it was the latter you are hoping in your subconscious that you will get back together. The fact your dream was about your ex boyfriend was back in your life is something you are wishing for, but because he leaves and you try to look for him but never find him means this is the end of the relationship and it is a way for you to let him go.

Where Can you find a boyfriend at the age 12?

At school or in your neighborhood. You're to young to be looking for boys on the internet.

Why do you dream about your boyfrieds biceps?

It may mean simply that you find your boyfriend's biceps quite manly and attractive. And there is nothing at all wrong with that.

How do you know if your boyfriend and girlfriend if he never asked you out?

If he never asked you, then you are most likely not boyfriend and girlfriend. The best thing to do it to clarify your relationship with him.There is only one way to find out if you are together. You will have to ask them.

Can a ex boyfriend be your friend in high school?

go for it and find him talk to him like you never went out.

Is it possible to find a boyfriend who sees you from the inside rather than outside appearance?

It certainly is. Just keep looking or let one find you!