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At school or in your neighborhood. You're to young to be looking for boys on the internet.

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Q: Where Can you find a boyfriend at the age 12?
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Is it ok to have a boyfriend at the age of 12?


Is it too young to have a boyfriend at age 12?


Am i too young for a boyfriend?

The youngest age that I think is for a conpanion is 12. If your that age, than go get yourself a boyfriend!

What age can you have a boyfriend?

In my school, and many other schools that i know in primary school many girls start getting boyfriends, although i find it ridiculous at such a young age. When i started high school, in yr 7, many people had bfs then too. I still find that 12 and 13 is young, so i would personally recommend the age of 14+. Although you can have a boyfriend at any age. The average age is approximately 12.

Is it bad that your boyfriend and you are kissing at the age of 12?

Yes of course it is!

How old can you be until you have a boyfriend?

The appropriate age is 10 11 12

When is the age to get a boyfriend?

you can be 11 or 12 to start getting a boyfriend anytime you want to date first ask your parents

What does it mean if your boyfriend feels you up at age 12?

it means he likes you. Who is 12, you or him ? This is inappropriate behaviour for 12-year-olds.

Can you give your boyfriend a sweet card on Valentines at the age of 12?

Yes of course.

Should a girl of 12 have a boyfriend?

No, it is much too young to be playing the boyfriend game. but start at a young age to learn from your mistakes.

Is it legal for me at the age of 12 to be dating my 13 year old boyfriend?

Depends but love has no age limit and If its that close then don't worry

Can a 12 year old have a relashinship?

Yes I think so 10 is to young but 12 is a perfect age to have a boyfriend and work yourself up