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It more than likely refers to a male getting an erection due to a certain female.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl makes a guy hard?
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When a guy makes fun of a girl does he like her?

Sometimes a guy can/will be mean or make fun of a girl in front of friends, but if he acts differently by himself that will mean he likes the girl. (or that he's acting to fit in with friends.)

How does a girl be hard to get for a guy?

They play hard to get

What does it mean when a girl will do anything for a guy?

It means that girl is either desprate, MADLY in love, or is not playing "hard to get" P.S.- If you truly want a guy to like you, be your self and don't go for looks (and play "hard to get").

Do men get hard only with the girl they love or with any girl?

it depends on wat the girl did or is doing to the guy, but if the guy has a girlfriend then he should get hard only over her.

What usually makes a guy like a girl?

Personality(: ... if not hes going for the other stuff.. you know what i mean?(;

What makes a guy fall for you?

play hard to get

If a guy asks a girl if he can carry the girl does that mean the guy has a crush on the girl?

yes or the guy is just flirting with the girl

What does it mean when a girl causes a guy chills?

The guy likes the girl

What does it mean when a guy breathes hard when he is with a girl?

He is so nervous, he is gasping for air. Either that, or he just ate a lot.

Do girl like scars on a guy face?

It depends on the girl. Sometimes it makes the guy look tough and sometimes it makes him look sweet.

What does it mean when a guy asks a girl to go to the movies?

It can mean any number of things. It could mean that the guy likes the girl as more than friends. It could mean that the guy likes the girl as a friend. It could mean that the guy wants to spend more time with the girl. It's hard to know specifically without more details. Just pay attention to how the guy acts around the girl and that will give you clues as to what it means. (i.e. Does he pay for her? Buy her concession stand food? Compliment her? Ask her to do other things? Include other people when they hang out?

What does it mean when a girl says a guy is handsome?

That that girl thinks that that guy is handsome.

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