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It depends on the girl. Sometimes it makes the guy look tough and sometimes it makes him look sweet.

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2010-12-20 16:55:40
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Q: Do girl like scars on a guy face?
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Sry for being innapropiate but boobs and ass and face

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It means she only likes another guy's face!

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What do girls think about body scars?

It all depends how you got the scars and i suppose how bad they are. As long as you tell the truth about how you got them there shouldn't be a problem. It all comes down to the "girl" if you have a nice personality it doesnt matter what you look like (that's in my eye's anyway) chin up darlinAnswerit all depends on how you show them and where they are. if you just for instance show her at the movies or a resteraunt then you ill not have a soda or drink and not a girl. the drink will be on your head and the girl will be out the door! ANSWERI am a girl, and I like scars, as long as they are not really deep. I like them even more if the guy got them in a good way.

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Punch him in the face

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It could mean either peppy, smiley, or just with a round face.

If you get face to face to a guy and he smiles dose he like you?


If a girl ask you what do you like about her what can a guy say?

Her looks like nice face, eyes, nose etc. Her intelligence. her playfulness. Her kindness. You have a go and say it to her.

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