What does it mean to smoke someone out?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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it means to get a type of weed and to smoke them in there face . like smoke in front of someone face and they get high . smoke someone out, is to just be the one supplying the product....I dont have any weed, you do, so hey man, smoke me out!

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Q: What does it mean to smoke someone out?
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What does smoke you down mean?

To get someone high then kiss them EVERYwhere

What does it mean if someone calls you a smoke?

Well kind sir, let me tell you. When someone calls you a smoke it means that you are a Nikki. If you do not know what a Nikki is, well, it is someone who thinks they are cool but truthfully, they are not at all. I

Where did don't blow smoke up my skirt come from and what does it mean?

To fawningly praise someone.

What do you mean by shaka in Arabic?

"Shaka" in Arabic means a doubt or suspicion towards something or someone.

What does it mean when someone says do you roll up?

It means do you smoke weed , or they may be asking you do you know how to roll a blunt .

What does it mean when someone blows pot smoke in your face?

the said original purpose of a guy blowing smoke in a womens face, was to mean " youre mine" or you belong to me. yes, it could mean for bothe sexual, emotional, and marital purposes

What does the slang term light up someone mean?

The slang term "light up someone" can mean to criticize or reprimand someone harshly and publicly. It can also refer to confronting someone with the truth in a blunt or direct manner.

What does smoke a dart mean?

Smoke a cigarette

What if you don't smoke but breathe in the smoke from someone else?

you'll get influenced because you are breathing the same smoke he/she does.

What does it mean if someone says that they want to smoke you out?

It means they want to share their drugs with you. It may refer to any sort of drugs that can be smoked.

What does it mean if someone types 2 step all day smoke blunts all night?

Those are song lyrics by Attila. SMOKE BLUNTS ALL DAY, 2 STEP ALL NIGHT!

What does it mean when you see black smoke in the woods?

As the old saying "where there's smoke, there's fire" says, it must mean there is a fire. This could mean it's a forest fire, or it could be a house or cabin on fire. Or it could mean someone is burning some brush. But anytime you see smoke, it's always best to immediately contact the fire department and let them check it out.