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It's normal. The uterus lining is shredding so you bleed fresh blood which has to clot.

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Q: What does it mean to keep passing blood clots on your period?
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What are the long term effects of blood clots on one's body?

Blood clots can be somewhat painful and it is important that you seek help from another physician. Keep pushing and you will get the answers that you need and want.

Why do women get blood clots when they get their period?

The so called "blood clots" are most likely the endometrial lining that you shed each time. Your period isn't just blood, it's also the protective layer of tissue (the endometrial lining) that your uterus creates to cushion the egg.AnswerThe reason why we get blood clots its normal for one but its because if your body doesnt get rid of it, it can stop up something in your system and that's not good so if your body releases chunks of blood its only to help youDuring your period your body will release anticoagulants that keep the blood fluid and thinned. However, if your flow is extremely strong, the blood may pass before the anticoagulants can work. In this case, the blood may clot as it is passed.

What does it mean when you have your period and discharge blood clots?

A period is basically when the lining of your womb realises there's no egg to keep safe, and therefore breaks down and exits as a period. It is normal to have some loss of clots/strange blood loss or "snot looking stuff". However, if there has been any chance of you being pregnant, and you have had severe pains/discomfort and large clots, this could be a miscarriage. However, the pain would be far far worse than pmt, and you'd have probably already gone to see your doctor. To recap, loss of clots is normal. If in doubt, always consult your doc

What is warfarin?

Warfarin (brand name "COUMADIN") is a medication is used to treat blood clots and/or to prevent new clots from forming in the body. Preventing harmful blood clots helps to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Warfarin is commonly called a "blood thinner," but its more correct term is anticoagulant. It helps to keep blood flowing smoothly by decreasing the amount of certain substances (clotting proteins) in the blood.

How does blood help you get better when you are ill?

The white blood cells in your blood fight diseases, the red blood cells give you more oxygen if you are oxygen deprived, and the platelets form blood clots to keep you from losing to much blood when you get cut or bruised.

Can blood clots be helpful?

The basic answer is yes, but that requires clarification. Blood clots form when blood vessels are broken or damaged and the blood leaves the circulatory system, either into the rest of the body (internal bleeding) or outside of the body (external bleeding). Blood begins clotting by producing several products that constrict blood flow and begin to repair the damage - in this case, blood clots are extremely useful as they prevent excess blood loss. In some cases, the blood cannot clot enough to stop bleeding and stiches are required to keep the breakage shut long enough for the body to repair the damage. However, blood clots loose in the circulatory system can be very damaging. If a blood clot were to form somewhere in the body, dislodge and travel to the brain via the aorta, it can block blood flow to the brain and cause a stroke. Blood clots in the legs, otherwise known as deep vein thrombosis, can be very painful and cause reddness, irritaition and swelling. MedicineNet( has a good article on blood clots for more information.

If you take the pill before your period starts by accident do you keep takin it or stop and staret on your first day of your period?

AnswerContinue taking the pill. Your period will be a few days earlier to a week earlier but it will not cause any problems unless you stop and re-start the pill. Then you will get crazy periods.But be cautioned you can form blood clots in your legs and maybe die from it so be careful.

What is the purpose of elastic stockings?

One of the reasons that elastic stocking are worn is to help the venous half of the circulatory system to move blood back to the heart. It is slower moving in the legs and has a lower blood pressure. The stockings help to keep blood moving and prevent clots in the veins. These clots can travel and cause major problems in the heart and lungs.

Why does your cat try to eat your hair?

it wants to play and it is bored but don't let it eat your hair or it can get blood clots. i have a cat and she does that so i tell her no and keep her from eating my hair.

What are the functions of the disc shaped platelets in your blood?

Platelets (also known as Thrombocytes) circulate in the blood (of mammals) are are involved in hemostasis, leading to the formation of blood clots. Platelets also keep the body from bleeding in weaker structures including the nose and mouth.

Does pomegranate reduce the risk of blood clot?

Pomegranate seeds are full of antioxidants which restrict LDL to oxidize which cause atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.These seeds also act like aspirin which keep blood platelets sticking together and forming blood clots.

What does it mean when you light red blood after period?

after you period you can get either light pink or a browny colour discharge .... this is natural it is just a way of your vagina cleaning the blood out to keep it healthy