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you're pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What does it mean if your belly button is bleeding?
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To dream that your bleeding from your belly button?

My son pointed his finger at his wifes belly button & said your belly button is bleeding while still asleep. This scared my daughter in law.

What do i do if my belly button piercing won't stop bleeding?

Go to the ER.

Brown spotting with pains in belly button?

Brown spotting with pains in your belly button can be caused by many things. You could have internal bleeding or cancer for example.

What does a belly button pierce mean?

it means to have a belly button (navel) piercing, whether its to have on or to get one done

What does Navel mean?

A Navel is your belly button.

What is the cause of white pus and foul odor coming out of the belly button?

If you have pus in your belly button then you may have a bacterial infection. Other signs include clear discharge, bleeding, redness, and swelling.

Is puss crusty and bleeding normal with a belly button piercing?

it is if you just got it buy if not go get that checked

What you mean by her naval?

Belly button I think x

You have sore breasts on and off also around your belly button what does this mean?

have sore breasts on and off also hurts around my belly button?could this mean anything?

Why is your belly button called a belly button?

Because it somewhat resembles a button and it is on your belly.

What did body part did Alfred Hitchcock not have?

He was rumored to not have a belly button.

Is it possible to undo the knot of your bellybutton?

I don't know what you mean by "undo" your belly button but you can get what is called an "umbillical hernia" inside near your belly button.