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I don't know what you mean by "undo" your belly button but you can get what is called an "umbillical hernia" inside near your belly button.

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Q: Is it possible to undo the knot of your bellybutton?
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Is it possible to tie your legs in a knot?

Yes it is possible to tie your legs into a knot. Also its possible to get tied into a knot with someone else's legs.

Is it possible if you can put your fist up your nose and it can come out of your bellybutton?

No. There is no pathway of any size providing a direct link between the nose and the bellybutton.

How do undo a balloon once it is tied?

Try to pick at the knot with your fingernail or get a good buddy or someone with love nails to pick the knot a loose. If it a small knot then your kind of stuck and on your own; it'll take you sometime though if your persistant. If it a nice size knot it won't be a problem!

How do you pickpocket a tie?

the first thing that you have to do is you undo the small end by sloly sliding it out of the knot then you take the tie off

Can you undo a quest in RuneScape?

It's currently not possible to undo a quest in RuneScape.

How do you you untangle a knot with one hand?

If a line is tangled, you most likely cannot undo it with one hand. However, if is a knot that needs to be undone, many knots can be undone with one hand. If a knot is "slipped", which means it has an end that will release it, the slipped end is pulled. This is the way you untie shoelaces, which are tied with a double slipped square knot. If the knot is not slipped, the next easy way to undo it is to "spill" the knot. Depending upon the type of knot, this usually requires two hands. To spill the knot, a section that looks like a loop is pushed or pulled in the direction away from the load which will either loosen the knot or release it. If a knot cannot be spilled or slipped, it will require 2 hands and can be difficult, sometimes also requiring a tool.

What is the bowline knot used for?

The bowline is used to attach a rope to a sale to hold it in place. The beauty of the bowline is that it is easy to undo after huge loads have been on it, it easy to tie, and it does not slip. When you're out in a storm at night, you want a knot that you can tie blindfolded, and also undo for that matter. It is also useful for making a loop that will not pull tight.

How do you spell the word tying?

The correct spelling is tying.An example sentence is "when tying a boat to a dock, the knot has to be secure but easy to undo again".

Is it possible to undo the minecraft beta 1.8 update?


Was there a king of England who when faced with a rope knot to undo dismounted his horse and cut it with his sword?

No, this anecdote does not relate to an English King but to Alexander the Great, the King of Makedonia (356 BC to 13.06.323 BC). He had to untie the knot King Gordion had created, instead of fingering on the knot he cut it in halves with his sword. Christoph

How do you make ears out of paper?

You can make paper earrings or out of gems. Undo the paper clip and tie a knot with it, then cut the side behind your ear and you are done.

Is it possible to open a notebook when you are tied in a knot?

If you are tied in a knot, it will likely be impossible to open a notebook. It would best to get to a doctor to have yourself untied from the knot before attempting anything else.