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you will never have your period.

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Q: What does it mean if you haven't had your period for two months?
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Havent had period in two months worried im 16 sure havent had sex.?

Periods come and go, I wouldn't worry to much :)

If you did not get your period for two months and then started a heavy period does that mean you had a miscarriage?

this is possible

Stopped taking the pill two months ago as hard to get prescription. Still havent had a period and had unprotected sex. what are the chances of pregnancy?

Chances are Good. In fact you may already be pregnant, which is why you aren't having a period.

What does it mean if you haven't had a period in two months and you're a virgin?

If this is unusual for you, see a physician.

You used birth control for two months and stopped you got your period twice in one month when you stopped but ever since you havent gotten your period for almost a full 3 months now is that normal?

Yes, it happens to people who swim for no logical reason at all.

Had a baby 2 months ago and havent had a period and the condom broke can I be pregnant again?

Most likely, you are pregnant if it has been two moths and if the condom broke. Good luck!!

I quit birth control two months ago and havent started my period is that normal?

yes it can take 6 months to normalize your flow and 3 years to get pregnant. so relax and good luck Joymaker rn

If you havent had a period over two months now should you see the doctor you know that im not pregnant?

If there anything out abnormal like this always contact your doctor to make sure you are fine.

Is it normal to have your period more than 2 months?

If you mean constant menstruation over the duration of the two months, then no. You should probably see a gynocologist.

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months?

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months? can it be do to stress? or something else? i have the mirena... for a year now....

Is it normal to be on your period for two months straight?


What is a bimester?

A bimester is a period of two months.

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