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It means you are going through puberty. It is an early age, but not outside the norms.

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Q: What does it mean if you had your period when you were 9 years old?
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Can you get your period at 9?

can you get you period when your 9 years old

How old will a girl be when they get their period?

they usally can be up to 9-14 years old when you get yours

What ages do you get your period?

Usually between 12 and 13. But there are many woman that their period comes early (9 years old) or very old (18 or 19 years old)

What is the normal age for a girl to start her period?

9-13 years old I have always heard it was 9-17 I thought you had to be 11 to start your period!!!!

How old are you when have your period?

you can start when you are 9 or 10 and it can go up to 16

My age is now 11 when your will get my first period?

It varies from person to person. I got my period when I was 11 years and 9 months old. I have family members that did not get theirs until they were 16 and 17 years old.

Can a female have a menstrual cycle at age 9?

Yes, a female can have a menstrual cycle at 9 years old. The average age of menarche (first period) is 13 years old, but it is possible for females to enter puberty and start ovulating (thus menstruating) from only 9 years old.

Is prodigy mean?

he has a girlfriend and its making me cry and I am 9 years old

What does tengo 9 anos y tu mean?

"I am nine years old, and you?"

What age do females usually get their period?

The first period is known as menarche, the average age of menarche is 13 years old. Anything between 10 years old and 16 years old is considered normal too.

When would you get your period?

When you reach the age 9 to 16 you will start to get pubity. i got my period when i was 10 years old... Everybodys body is different... hope this helps. :)

How old is Pepe if in 9 years he will be 4 times as old as he is now?

He is now 3 years old. In 9 years he will be 12 years old. In 9 years he will be 4 times as old as he is now. let x= his age now x+9 = 4x 9=3x 3=x