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Yes, a female can have a menstrual cycle at 9 years old. The average age of menarche (first period) is 13 years old, but it is possible for females to enter puberty and start ovulating (thus menstruating) from only 9 years old.

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Q: Can a female have a menstrual cycle at age 9?
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What is the minimum age of menstrual cycle?

The first menstruation can be as young as 9. In the US the average age for girls to start menstruating is 12.

When does the menstrual cycle start?

A girl can start her menstrual cycle from when she is about 9 years old any where through to when she is 16 years old.

What is the icd-9-cm code for Irregular menstrual cycle?


What do girls get when they are 13?

When they are around the age of 13 they get there period or menstrual cycle. You can get this from 9 through to 17. If you don't have it by the time your 17 go see your doctor or ask your mum about what time she got her period.

At what age do female dogs get prgnant?

Female dogs typically reach sexual maturity and can become pregnant around six to twelve months of age, depending on the breed. It's important to prevent unwanted pregnancies before this age by spaying or closely monitoring your dog during heat cycles.

Was the youngest parent a male or female?

Female, Age 9. From China

How orangutans reproduce?

Orangutans reproduce sexually, with males seeking out females for mating. Female orangutans have a menstrual cycle and are only receptive to mating during certain periods. After mating, the female will gestate for around 8-9 months before giving birth to a single offspring.

Do you begin to ovulate the last day of you menstrual cycle or after the last day of your menstrual cycle?

You don't ovulate on the last day or the day after the last day of your menstrual cycle.The last day of your menstrual cycle is the day before your period - the first day of your period is day one of your menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs two weeks before menstruation, if you had a 28 day cycle that would mean you would ovulate around day 14 of your menstrual cycle.Unless you use fertility awareness method you can't tell when you are fertile or ovulating.

What if you wanted to get your period at 9?

You have no control over when your first menstrual period occurs, and extremely limited ways to influence the cycle (aside from pregnancy).

When will a female dog stand for a dog when she is on heat?

The answer is yes, but for only part of the heat cycle will a female is receptive to breeding. On average, this phase (called the estrus phase) begins around day 9 or 10 from the initial onset of the cycle. It is only at this point in the cycle when a female will allow and even encourage mating.

When should you get your rottweiler spayed?

The best bet to avoid accidental pregnancy, pyometria, and several types of cancer is to have your female spayed BEFORE her first heat cycle. This usually occurs between 7-9 months of age.

How old do you have to be to have menstrual cycles?

It differs among girls, but it usually starts around 12 or 13