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That you decided to get a nipple piercing.

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Q: What does it mean if you get a nipple piercing?
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What does npp mean in text talk?

no problem

Do men enlarge there nipples?

Piercing the nipple will enlarge it !!!! when you take yhe piercing out after a few months, the nipple will stay larger!!!

How long nipple piercing?

It varies from person to person, depending on the size of your nipple.

What clearance should there be either side of the nipple for a nipple piercing on a male if at all any my nipple is already pierced?

The jewellery needs to be 2 mm longer than the width of the piercing.

What are the negatives and positives to getting a nipple piercing?

Many are motivated to get a nipple piercing for personal reasons including for self-expression and to feel unique.

Why do women pierce their nipple?

Nipple piercing is not only for the look of the piercing but also for personal stimulation, once healed nipple piercings can be quite erotic and will add sensation when the right jewellery is in the piercings.

Can you hit a nerve when piercing your nipple?


What is the right gauge for a nipple piercing?


Can you take out your own nipple piercing?


How do you make a fake nipple piercing?

To make a simple fake nipple piercing, you need to obtain a nipple ring and bend the ring with pliers so that the ring looks like a U shape which you can then apply to your nipple and adjust to your own needs.

Where was body piercing originated?

It is known to have started by the Romans by nipple piercing to show their bravery.

How do you make sterling non-piercing nipple clips?

Most love shops have the non piercing nipple clips, buy a set and copy them using silver.