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Message received

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Q: What does it mean if a message is a message received?
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What does 10 4 mean on a walkie talkie?

Message received.

Who received the message?

Daniel Morgan had received the message

What does application received mean?

The party you sent an application to, received the application. This is usually a status message received during a routine Internet session.

What does it mean when the error message appears in a cell?

One important message received from this mobile. I want discuss with person for the important issue.

What lets you know your message is being received?

Let’s you know how your message is being received

What do the arrows and check marks mean on a Verizon text message?

ON Verizon cell phones, the green checkmark means the message has been delivered to the recipient's mobile device. When sending a txt (or pic or flic) messge to a non VZW customer, there will be a green arrow indicating that the message was sent, not neccaserily that they received it.

Is text message time received when the message is sent or received?

When it is recieved, and exactly what time it says on your phone when it is recieved.

Your friend is offline nd you are sending him offline message but after sending offline message it shows that your friend is offline and cannot receive messages right now what these mean?

All it means is that they haven't received the message yet, but they will when they come online.

What does the diagnostic code P1694 mean for the 2002 dodge ram 3500 diesel with automatic transmission?

P1694 - No CCD message received from ECM. This is a bus communication failure between the PCM and ECMP1694 - No CCD message received from ECM. This is a bus communication failure between the PCM and ECM

Is there anyway of knowing if someone received your message or not when the person has blocked you?

You can't write a message on someone else's message board if you are blocked. Though, if you did manage to write a message on someone's board, there is no way to know if they read it or received it or not.