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Let’s you know how your message is being received

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Q: What lets you know your message is being received?
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What does the 'New message' button mean on your WikiAnswers account?

It lets you know you have a new message, and gives you a link to look at the new message(s).

What does the arrow next to your sent message on Facebook mean?

It just means that it was you that sent the last message. It just lets you know weither they have replied or if you sent to them last.

Information received after an action which lets you know whether the action is correct or effective is known as?


Is tax topic 203 received by everybody.?

I do not know for sure. I will tell you that I checked my status on Friday (2/4/11) and it said that my refund check had been mailed and then it had that message also. The only problem is, I do not owe anyone any money that I know of. I do not pay child support, my student loans are in good standing and I do not owe the IRS or Unemployment any money (as I think that I would have been notified, I hope). I did a google search about this message also and someone on another site stated that it is just a general message that they post. So lets keep out fingers crossed that we get our whole tax returns. UPDATE!!!!!! I wanted to come back and let you know that I received my income tax return and there were no deductions so I believe that this was truly just a general message sent out and each tax payer received a message. Hope that this helps relieve some stress......

Why is a PAR Q important?

Par-q questionnaires lets you know how physically fit you are and as well as this questionnaires lets you know if you are suitable to start exercising and being physically fit.

Is there an app for the Android or iPhone that lets you see if a text message that you sent to somebody has been read or opened by them?

Yea but I don't know what the app is called

What is the status message feature that is offered by most instant messaging services?

Most instant messaging services offer an away message, which lets other users know what you are up to. This was the precursor to the tweet or Facebook status.

Howrse how do you know when your foal is going to be born?

There is a message which lets you know your mare is foaling - make sure you have enough money for the vet, because if you cannot get the vet there in time, the foal will die.

What lets you know that something is happening in the present in the past or the future?

The grammatical tense that is being used.

It lets you know that the mic is powered.?

It lets you know that the mic is powered.

Not that I know of. I prefer it. It lets me know it's working.?

Not that I know of. I prefer it. It lets me know it's working.

What is the importance of you vote buttons It lets people know you voted?

It lets people know you voted