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she is a tease....dtop wasting your time thinking about her move to the next.

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2011-12-25 03:18:26
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Q: What does it mean if a girl keeps calling you late at night?
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What is the Spanish song sung by a woman and it starts out by the other woman calling the boyfriend late at night and he tells her it too late to be calling?

No Es Amor or Obsesion. Its its by Aventura.

Do girl go out late at night?

Many do but usually not alone

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Is it ok to let your boyfriend go to a late night movie with a girl who supposely has a boyfriend?

only if u REALLY REALLY REALLY trust that girl and boyfriend ....WHY IS HE GOING TO A LATE NIGHT MOVIE WITH ANOTHER GIRL?!?! And do you know she has a boyfriend or is he just telling you this? Situation seems a little shady to me..

Why is an old flame having friends call me late night drunk with blocked number?

if they have friends calling you that means they still have feelings for you or to see if you moved on.

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