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go to the mirror and look at yourself do you consider yourself scary in any way?

if not then when she says you scare me this means you make her nervous...extremely nervous. she may find you intimidating in a sexual way or...erm this is really hard to explain but she may like you and you may make her self-conscious if she likes you

hope this helped

A woman's inner instinct can be her protector. If you come on too strong or sleazy, or lie even, she backs off. As she wants to feel safe around you. Break a woman's trust just once, and your scum for life. Often she won't tell you that, but believe me you are.You'll never truly repair that relationship. Unless she's a Christian and can forgive you as prompted, but I believe the incident is always in the back of her mind someplace. Just wait till you have an argument, it will resurface!

Something you said confused her maybe startled or even scared her. Maybe it was kind of weird, out of this world. So she thinks your wacko Jacko! And will do anything she can to avoid you!


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Q: What does girls means when they say you scare of them?
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