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filles d'or it means gold girls because u can't really say golden girls in french

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Q: How do you say golden girls in french?
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How do you say Canadian for girls in french?


How do you say have golden dreams in french?

Sucku mi dicka

How do you say The Golden Restaurant in French?

le restaurant d'or

How do you say girls panties in French?

Les culottes

How do you say peaceful girls in french?

filles pacifiques

How do you say mean girls in french?

mauvaises filles

How do you say Three Girls in French?

trois filles

How do u say girls in french?

girls=filles (pronounced like "feeyy") little girls=fillettes

How do French girls say French?

French (the language) = le français A french girl = une fille française

How 2 say Giselle in French?

Gisèle is a French first name for girls.

How do you say 2 girls in french?

les deux filles

How do you say I like girls in French?

J'aime les filles.