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Active Voice Control

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Q: What does avc active on cell phone mean?
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What does avc after name mean?

Association of Veterinary Consultants

What is format for videos for a psp?

Mp4 mp4-avc avi-mjpge mp4-avc mp4-avc (720×480)pmp pmp-avc

Where i can Download avc player for nokia 5233?

yes avc player.

MicroEconomics Which is true 1 when ap rises avc rises 2 when ap is rising avc falls 3 when ap is rising ap exceeds mp or 4there is no relationship between ap and avc?

When AP rises AVC falls

When was AVC Club Volleyball Championship created?

AVC Club Volleyball Championship was created in 1999.

Why does the minimum point of avc curve lie to the right of minimum point of mc curve?

AVC=AC-AFC,the AVC curve is simply the vertical difference between the AC and AFC curve, AFC gets less, the gap between AVC andAC narrows.since all marginal costs are variable ,the same relationship holds between MC and AVC as it did between MC and AC ,that is ,when MC is less than AVC ,it must be falling, if MC is greater than AVC .it must be rising, so ,as with the AC curve ,the MC curve crosses the AVC curve at its minimum point

What is AVCCE Chat in avc college of engineering?

AVC College of Engineering Chatting Website.... WWW.AVCCECHAT.TK WWW.AVCCEONLINE.TKWWW.AVCCE.TK

What is AVCCE Online in AVC College of Engineering?

AVC College of Engineering Chatting Website.... WWW.AVCCECHAT.TK WWW.AVCCEONLINE.TKWWW.AVCCE.TK

Why avc curve U shape?

Overall because of diminishing marginal returns. The marginal cost curve, MC, decreases until diminishing marginal returns set in and and it begins to increase. When the MC is below the AVC, the AVC must fall. When the MC is above the AVC, the AVC must rise. In otherwords, if the marginal cost is decreasing the average cost must be decreasing as well and vice versa.

What happens to the difference between ATC and AVC as a firm's output expands?

The difference narrows. ATC is the sum of AVC and AFC.. Since AFC declines steadily as output rises, the difference between ATC and AVC must narrow steadily.

How do you establish which cardholder accounts a specific amount validation control (avc) applies to?

How do you establish which cardholder accounts a specific accounting validation control (AVC) applies to

What does the medical abbreviation avc mean?

The term avc has several meanings. One meaning could be Aberrant ventricular conduction. Another meaning could be Aortic Valve Calcification.AVC stands for Atrioventricular Conduction. It is an impairment of the electrical continuity between the atria and ventricles.

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