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Mp4 mp4-avc avi-mjpge mp4-avc mp4-avc (720×480)pmp pmp-avc

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Q: What is format for videos for a psp?
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How do you download videos from YouTube to your psp?

You can download YouTube videos using this It has a converter tool too so you can convert the downloaded youtube file to psp compatible format.

What does PSP Video 9 help with?

PSP Video 9 converts videos from various file formats to a format that the PlayStation Portable can play. Some of the formats it can convert are xvid, avi, divx, and mpeg. These formats are converted to either MPEG-4 or H.264.

Can you watch you-tube videos on a psp go?

maybe not

When I put videos on my PSP in mp4 format it shows up on the actual PSP BUT when I try to watch a video on the actual PSP it says Unsupported Data what am I doing wrong?

'MP4' is a 'container' format, combining both audio and video information into one file. These separate 'streams' are themselves encoded, and there are many forms of compression they can use. The PSP can't always decode these streams - in short, not all files with the extension 'mp4' are made the same way. A file may play perfectly on a PC, but not the PSP because of this. What you need to do is use a program such as Super or PSP Video 9. You can run the mp4 file through it, and it can create another version of it specifically to work on the PSP.

What is a PSP iso?

ISO is the format in which the games of the PSP is saved as.Most of the PSP games are in ISO or CSO.So if you search for PSP ISO in a search engines, those that came up are probably PSP games for downloads.

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What is a PSP video converter?

A PSP video converter is any tool that can convert videos into a format that can be played on a Sony PSP.

Does psp videos play on the iPod?

Yes, if they're in .mp4 format.

How to get videos on a PSP?

Your video has to be MP4 format. You have to connect PSP and computer then you drag and drop the video file in the PSP VIDEO folder.

What websites can you download videos on the PSP?

PSP Movies which run on PSP is mp4 format but all format can not be played in the PSP i am giving you site where you can download movie just place mp4 in folder name VIDEO.

How do you transfer YouTube videos to your PSP?

Well, With today's technology you can convert YouTube video to psp format with easy. You should aware that YouTube videos are FLV format. Video Download Studio just can convert video to any format you want. Try it here

What happens when format the psp memory card?

It eraces everything on the card and makes the psp's folders for music, videos and all of the other folders.

I up loaded videos onto my psp but when i upload videos now it always says data not supported how do you fix that?

I don't own a psp but try changing the video format to mp4 or wmv

How do you go on YouTube on PSP?

1, Download youtube videos. Go to this website:→ paste the URL of the Youtube video into the software. Then it sove video automatically. but the video is FLV format, it not compatible with psp. 2, Convert the downloaded videos. As PSP doesn't support flv format, so in order to view the downloaded videos on your PSP, you need to convert them. Before converting, you can choose the conversion models for your mobile, including Standard quality, High quality, audio output. After converting, you can view the output videos with your PSP.

Why wont my psp go play this video?

Some videos are not the correct screen size format for the psp go. I have one also and have noticed that some .mp4 files will not play because of the screen size. I noticed that some videos that are meant for ipod work with the psp go. Hope this helps.

What is the video file format for psp 3000?

mp4 or PSP Video format

Nothing Works For PSP Videos I've tried everything and every answer to every single time people have asked how to get videos onto their psp But none of them work PLEASE can anyone TRULY help?

download psp video convertor from and open a video with it so it can be coverted to MPEG-4/MP4 format and copy it into the psp's video folder

How do you download videos from YouTube to your psp?

You can download YouTube videos using this It has a converter tool too so you can convert the downloaded youtube file to psp compatible format.