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He trains to assist the manager's every need

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Q: What does an assistant manager trainee at Walmart do?
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What is trainee?

A teacher trainee is also known as a 'Teaching Assistant' to teachers. This is why generally in schools, you have teaching assistants who eventually start taking lessons or even covering them for students and helps the teacher.

How do you use assist in a sentence?

When I got a job at Walmart I was hired as the manager's assistant.

What is the dress code for a Walmart assistant manager?

a walmart assisant manager is required to wear a dress shirt, and a tie at my store

What does a assistant manager at Walmart in Wyoming make?

750 an hour

Meaning of management trainee?

A management trainee describes someone who is being trained to be a manager or be promoted to a manager. A management trainee often does part of the job that the manager is doing.

What does a walmart assistant produce manager make?

11.25 per hour no benifits no pension

What is the annual salary for a walmart neighborhood market assistant manager in Las Vegas NV?

The annual salary for a Walmart Neighborhood Market assistant manager in Las Vegas NV, is around $75,000 to $85,000. It varies, depending on experience and length of time with the company.

What job titles are at Walmart?

Person who stocks the stuff on walls Sales

What is difference between Walmart assistant manager and Walmart co manager?

Co-Managers do a variety of different tasks including, but not limited to dealing with the store manager and the assistant managers and all the way down. They report directly to the store manager and typically don't do a whole lot other than the store managers paperwork and asssit the assistant managers with any concerns they may have.

Why are there no assistant managers at woodforest bank in pa?

Most branches in Woodforest Bank are located in Walmart. Except the national bank in Texas. Therefore, not every branch can have an assistant manager. If the bank is not trafficing enough customers in and out of the bank, in retail eyes, it is not big enough to have an assistant manager.

Is it legal for walmart to advance a part-time associate to assistant manager without them going up the chain of levels?


Why do you want to work for this company as manager trainee?